Weight, one of the criteria for evaluating boats

Feb 07, 2018
Boaters often ask me what factors they should evaluate when comparing different yachts.
One that is very important is the weight of the yacht. Request an explanation from the Seller why there is a difference.
It must be said that manufacturers do not supply the weight of the boat using the same criteria.  For example, full load or half load, installed hardtop or not  and with or without options.
Here is an example :
Prestige Yachts 52 Fly: 31085 lbs
Carver C52 Fly :           42000 lbs
Searay 520 Fly :           50200 lbs
Princess 52 Fly :           51920 lbs
Azimut 50 Fly    :           54785 lbs
Sunseeker 52 Fly:         59524 lbs
For me, I prefer a rather heavy yacht that will be comfortable in waves with excellent stability, a hull that has a solid structure with high quality construction is able to face elements that are not always pleasant (wave, wind).
Of course, on a lake or on a river, this is less relevant.
So do not hesitate to ask the seller about the weight.

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