Understanding the importance of horsepower to weight ratio

Jan 28, 2021

Understanding the importance of horsepower to weight ratio

It must be said, just because the manufacturer installs a type of engine in a boat does not mean that it is the ideal engine. You have to do your homework and do a good analysis of the data that is available.

To show you the importance of properly assessing and understanding this, here is an article published by the brokers at ItaYachtsCanada on this subject.

Also, it should be understood that a boat cannot necessarily accommodate a strong motorization, the boat structure must allow it.

You have to see what the manufacturer offers as an engine option and check all the discussion forums on the web.

But a well established manufacturer will install the right power unit knowing that underpowering will very often result in greater fuel consumption at cruise speed.  This is especially important for getting up on plane for a flybridge with a hardtop and a large watercraft on the platform.

To demonstrate, here is a comparison with seven popular boats sold in North America in the 52-54 foot category.

Follow this link to read the article on the ItaYachtsCanada website .

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