New import tax for boats from USA

Jun 09, 2018
Latest news: May 3, 2019:
The Maritime Association of Quebec mentions in a press release that the Canadian government will cancel the 10% surtax on the importation of boats built in the United States.
The surcharge will be canceled retroactively to April 30, 2019. For the moment the customs officers continue to apply it since the new directive will be in official application as from May 15, 2019. So the Searay, Regal, Cruisers Yachts, Carver, Marquis Fourwinns, Tiara, Hatteras, Monterey, and other boats built in the USA will be able to enter Canada without the famous 10% surcharge. That’s excellent news.


Press release, 21 december 2018
The 10% surtax on boats built in the USA is canceled for temporary importation only (E029B)

In response to Trump’s taxes on steel and aluminum, Canada will impose a new tax on the import of US-made boat beginning July 1. A TAX of 10%.
That means the Searay, Carver, Regal, Chaparral, Monterey, FourWinns, Cruisers Yachts, Bayliner, Larson ... in short all the pontoons, fishing boats from the United States are going to have a 10% customs when they will go to Canada Customs. It will change the sales prices ...
New boats from Europe are no longer subject to 9.5% customs since September 2017, when the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement came into force.

Do not forget, these are ads, in politics everything can change quickly ... to watch closely.
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