Comparison between 3 European boat

Aug 02, 2019
Comparison between 3 Europeans boats:
-      Jeanneau NC37 - 2020
-      Aquador 35AQ - 2020
-      Cranchi T36 - 2020

Please refer to the pictures of the boats at the end of this article.Recently, the magazine NEPTUNE ( a French magazine, May 2019 edition) did a great comparaison  between three boat models that are in the same category.But above all, the magazine’s experts responded to a comment from a boater in relation to the under power in the Jeanneau NC37 with its standard engines.  

The NC37 test sheet demonstrates with its standard configuration, equipped with two Volvo engines of 220 hp, a problem in getting up on plane... a chronic lack of power. The magazine promises to return with a more in-depth evaluation of the new Jeanneau NC37 which is ultimately the full shell of the Jeanneau Leader 36 with an adapted configuration (layout) for an evolution of the Jeanneau NC11 towards the NC37.

Here are some data cited by NEPTUNE:

NC37 with 2 x 260 hp, at 3200 RPM, speed reached 21 kn
NC37 with 2 x 220 hp, at 3200 RPM, speed reached 13.5 kn
(anemic speed for this RPM revolution).

They both have a consumption of 60 litres per hour, yet the performance is totally different. Remember here that 1 kn (knot) - 1.2 m/h - 1.8 km/h

KNOT .. identifies the speed of one boat per nautical mile of 1852 meters.
It is the speed measurement unit used in air and sea navigation.

See by this example, the importance for a manufacturer to put into production a hull, i.e., the part of the hull that is in contact with the water and that determines the performance of the hull to plane (get out of the water to glide) without necessarily push the engines to the max, resulting in a high fuel consumption. A boat with a good technical record is the one that allows you to ride with a reasonable RPM, but especially not close to the maximum RPM.

The Beneteau-Jeanneau Group are sometimes leaders in the design of efficient hulls, take for example the Beneteau Gran Turismo 40 with its AIR STEP @ 2 system, which is undoubtedly very powerful. Feel free to check out the forums and analytics available on the web when you’re considering a purchase. Indeed there is more than the interior decoration of a boat and its amenities to consider, do not forget that above all, it is a boat, the capabilities in navigation mode are also important to analyze.

To get a good grasp, here’s a comparison to help you better understand with boats that have similar sizes and characteristics and all three come from Europe:

In comparison:

Cranchi T36 with two Volvo D4-300 engines, at 3200 RPM, speed reached 26 kn

Aquador 35AQ, with two Mercury TDI-300 engines at 3200 RPM, speed reached 26 kn

In order to be fair, here are the respective weights of the empty boats:

Jeanneau NC37: 15,062 lbs, LOA: 37.8 ft, width: 11.9 ft

Aquador 35 AQ (Norwegian): 14,300 lbs, LOA: 33.7 ft, width: 11.5 ft

Cranchi T36 (Italian): 18,639 lbs, LOA: 38.9 ft, width: 11.7 ft

All three are Class B (CE).

Here are some pictures for the three models:

Jeanneau NC37 





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