schedule locks 2022

Apr 19, 2022

In brief: 

- Locks scheduled to open on May 20, 2022 everywhere (Quebec,  Ontario and NEw York State Canals)
- Locks closing scheduled on October 10th 2022 and October 12th for the Hudson River.

All about the lock schedules for the 2022 season and technical data for :  

- Chambly Canal and other canals managed by Park Canada and links to : 
     . Carillon Canal
     . Lachine Canal
     . Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal
     . Saint-Ours Canal
     . Rideau Canal
     . Trent-Severn Waterway
     . Sault Ste Marie Canal

- Lake Champlain to New York (Hudson River)
- Lake Ontario (via Oswego) to New York or Lake Champlain



Also relevant information on maximum air draft for taking the canals to New York, data provided by the NEW YORK STATE CANALS.

To see a complete article on the subject (all locks, Québec, Ontario, Richelieu river, Hudson river), follow this link for direct access to the ItaYachtsCanada brokers site for this subject. 

Lock Whitehall (close du Lake Champlain).
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