Fresh water boat from Great Lakes

Feb 27, 2018
For those looking for second-hand boats that come from a freshwater region, we must not forget that the Great Lakes area and the 2nd best market in the United States. Lake Michigan is very popular and despite the US currency, there are many bargains given the abundance of supply.

We must never forget that the suppliers of Canadian dealers are mostly in the United States: Searay, Meridian, Fourwinns, Cruisers Yachts, Monterey, Regal, Carver, Marquis, etc ...

They buy their boats to sell in US dollars they convert the price into Canadian but all boats in recent years have roughly the same basic price in US. So do not be scared by the currency conversion game, think instead of the abundance of supply that drive down prices.

You pay the GST and TVQ at the border crossing like all the opportunity boats acquired at Canadian dealerships. There is no customs to pay, only used boats built in Europe are subject to customs of 9.5%.

The website displays several boats from this region. The brokers of Ita Yachts Canada are there to share it. tel 514-521-1221 or

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