Some tips for buying or selling

Jan 27, 2023

Quick guide to understand the 2023 OUTLOOK for selling or buying a boat.
Some tips and observations for the 2023 market offered by brokers at Ita Yachts Canada and its’ division ProprioBoat.


This advice is based on over 20 years of experience in the boat brokerage business.
The Market: 
From May 2020 to July 2022, the boating market experienced a historic set of conditions that created one of the best sales markets in history. Most of those conditions no longer exist currently, and over the past six months the market has quickly returned to a more rational and even lower level.
But, there is a bit of a stalemate in pricing, as sellers look six months into the past when it is time to sell.  There is a kind of pricing impasse, because sellers look six months into the past when they think about a selling price and a more cautious buyer looks six months into the future.
We see 2023 as a year when it will be time to compete again if you are a seller. CLEAN AND WELL VALUED BOATS (taking into account the current market) STILL GET THE ATTENTION OF BOAT LOOKERS...
- We will be in a market that favors buyers for the year 2023
- Sellers are not as desperate as you think
- Clean boats deserve and get a higher price
- The form of payment (financed or not) does not influence the final price negotiation.
- If you find the right boat, it should be seriously considered, as clean boats are always in demand.
- Realize that a boat will never be 100% perfect whether it is new or used...
- Also think about the resale value when you buy.  
- Buyers want to see clean and uncluttered boats, ready for a visit that will give an excellent first impression to the potential buyer
- There will probably be fewer of them this year, which is why it’s called a buyer’s market
- "It’s a used boat" is not an answer to the deficiencies observed by the potential buyer
- The price your friend got in 2020 or 2021 does not correspond to today’s market (2023).
- A boat can never be too clean or too aggressively priced
- An early offer does not always mean that another one will follow soon, consider any written offer as serious
- Be visible on the web, for example, on the most popular websites for boaters, and this for all markets
With us you have the choice.
Indeed, you have the possibility of selling your boat yourself without commission with the advantages of being present on this website, just click on the tab RATES to know the terms
Or else,
Retain the services of ItaYachts Canada brokers or with its’division ProprioBoat to sell your boat for a total visibility in North America including of course YachtWorld and many other websites...
They are experienced brokers with more than 20 years in the business, and following are the advantages in short:
The important points:
-With us:  5% sales commission
-Markets covered:  Canada, United States, Europe
-Comparative points:   In order to establish the right selling price based on valid comparisons 
-Photo shooting by one of our experienced brokers and use of a drone
-Brokerage accepted:   If the buyer is represented by a broker (co-brokerage), the contract will provide for a remuneration. 
-Unique teamwork: Three brokers will work as a team on your file and are at your service.     
-Marketing:  We are present on 4 major websites: YACHTWORLD, BOATDEALERS, BOATS.COM and PROPRIOBOAT.CA and for yachts over $1.5 and for yachts over 1.5 million, will be added                                                                                              
-Present at the conclusion: We are on site when the surveyor is completing the survey.
-Secure acquisition process: We propose a legal process with a lawyer to validate the titles and the liens before the conclusion of the transaction


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