Antifouling & sacrificial Anodes

Mar 16, 2018
Spring is coming soon, it will soon be time to think about antifouling and anodes.
It must be remembered that in freshwater, magnesium anodes are much more effective than those in zinc or aluminum.

In addition, you have to wonder if you consume your anodes too quickly, there is an electrical problem on board or on a boat close to you.

For antifouling in fresh water, it depends on the temperature of the water. Indeed, in fresh water the proliferation of algae depends on the heat of the water. It may not be necessary to repeat the antifouling often (every year) depending on the temperature of the water.

But there is now an adhesive film that replaces the antifouling layer. It is the MACGLIDE company that has put the spotlight on. No more chemicals, it’s totally organic.

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