Realize your dream with a new boat...

May 12, 2023
Realize your dream with a new boat... 

Of course, we are known mainly at Ita Yachts Canada and its ProprioBateau division as a brokerage agency for used boats, but we are also specialized in new boat transactions.

In the past, we have been representatives for two of the largest Italian manufacturers here in Canada, but we decided by choice to become independent brokers.

As we respect the rules of the industry and the territories here in Canada, we can however represent you for the purchases of new boats when these are delivered in American territory, we think here of Florida, all the East coast and of course the Caribbean.

The large American dealerships, especially in the southern United States, are all very open to this type of transaction when Canadian buyers wish to be represented by their advisor in order to achieve an excellent transaction, from every point of view. 

We take care of all your needs, all your conditions, present you with the best comparisons (advantages and disadvantages) and especially, even for a new boat, proceed to pre-inspections before delivery.
There is little difference between buying a new or used boat. In fact, buyers who rely solely on the word "new" as an assurance of quality unfortunately have many regrets after the purchase. The automobile industry should not be compared to the boat industry. The importance of inspections is unavoidable in the boating industry. The more the boat enters the category of Yachts, that is to say more than 50 feet, the presence of anomalies of cosmetics to functional goes in growth. The average number of anomalies is well over 100 for a new boat.

In short, a new or used boat transaction is an important transaction for any boater, and the advice of an experienced professional at every step is the best guarantee of an ideal transaction. 

The brokers at Ita Yachts Canada are at your disposal to discuss your project and thanks to their professionalism, it is certain that your transaction will meet all your expectations whether they are technical, financial or emotional (the boat of your dreams). 

In order to avoid any form of regret, contact us without delay before any purchase. 514-521-1221
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